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When you are looking for a popular trip destination, Europe would be the best choice for you. Many travelers are hoping to see the natural wonders of the place. There you would see attractive spots that will take your breath away. We often seek peace and comfort from nature when we are not ourselves. Visiting some invigorating natural spots is one of our escape mechanism in this cruel and complex world.

Europe is a majestic place that replicates the beauty and wonders of nature. It is true to everyone that we always find appreciation for nature because of its inconceivable power in instilling its importance to all living creatures. You can find nature’s beauty in all parts of Europe where you will be tempted to discover what it is in them that makes them incredible.

Europe has a rich ecotourism that will surprise you with several primeval natural wonders in spite of being inhabited for thousands of years by the early civilizations. It is amazing that the place has preserved its beauty. European’s love for nature is their secret of how the place became the paradise of the most wonderful sceneries on Earth. Either you decide to explore the wilderness or have a taste of water on some of its brilliant island beaches, you’ll get the same satisfaction.

The European government is taking action in conserving and protecting their natural wonders they greatly contribute to their ecotourism sector. With all those successful programs, they are able to preserve the freshness and beauty of thousands of islands, mountains, wilderness along with the living creatures in them.

Check for this 10 European natural wonders that will ignite your enthusiasm to visit Europe.

1. Giant’s Sandcastle: Grande Dune du Pilat Arcachon in France

This in Europe’s tallest sand dune situated in France’s Atlantic Coast which is one of the most visited spots in France. The Grande Dune has a smooth shifting shape, slowly going to the east coast. You must try climbing there and feel the warm breeze of the summit that soothes the body. For paragliders, this is definitely perfect platform to leap in the air to experience this infinite white sand. This is truly a pride of France.

dune du Pilat

2. Fantasy fjord: Sognefjord in Norway

South-west Norway is hiding majestic ice-free burrows thatare flanked in between steep mountains. In fact, this is considered the longest one in the whole world. One way to appreciatethis popular scenery is boat cruising. You’ll be taken away by this spectacular scenery where  you can explore the innermost part of Aurlandfjord. From beneath, you’ll see the beauty of tall mountains of Sognefjord along with the branches of the Norway’s Grand Canyon.

Fantasy fjord

3. Rock City: Goreme National Park in Cappadocia Turkey

This rock city in Cappadocia is like fairy chimneys situated in the hot and dry land of Goreme Valley. The formation of these tooth-like stone cones is due to differential erosion that made this perfect scenery possible. If you were there and would take a closer look, you would notice that the structures are like giant mushrooms which seem to come out from the fantasy movies that you watched. Since then, the locals are already attracted to carving soft rocks from which they created caves and churches ornamented with Byzantine art. In order for you to picture the whole spectrum of this rock city, you can take a hot air balloon ride and start being amazed by the scenery.

Rock City

4. Heavenly Stairway: Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia

This is one of the most serene spots in Europe that you must go if you want escape from everyday hassle. This is actually one of the largest and oldest national park in Croatia that has a spectacular landscape within a forest. You’ll experience the freshness of the forest and the emerald-like water because fishing and swimming are not allowed.

Heavenly Stairway

5. Alpine Star in Zermatt Switzerland

The Matterhorn is like a haughty pyramid-like mountain that got a global recognition because of its majestic shape and color. You wouldn’t see any cable car or people skiing that helps in restoring its beauty.

6. Underwater world: Channel Islands UK

When the tides get really high, you can take moonwalk in dramatically exposed platform. This is the perfect destination for those who enjoy a journey along the sea side.

Underwater world

7. Aurora Sky Station in Sweden

The place offers a majestic spot for the northern lights in the northern part of Sweden. When you for a mountain-top sit, you get to see the beauty of those fast moving multicoloured light which is like a mystical show in the sky.

Aurora Sky Station in Sweden

8. Fire Mountain: Mt. Etna in Italy

Europe is the place where you will see the tallest active volcano. But aside from that, Mt. Etna beholds another amazing show for all. The ruby-coloured molten lava is great scenery to look at. During summer, you can take a ride in a cable car going down to its slopes.

Fire Mountain

9. Giant’s Causeway in Ireland UK

The 40,000 basalt columns were made by the early Irish people in preparation for the war with the Scotts. Gladly, that the locals were able to preserve the land mass and now, tourists are all enjoying this exhilarating spot.

Giant’s Causeway in Ireland UK

10. Aigulle du Midi in Chamonix France

The highest cable car in Europe begins here. The scenery is perfect when having a cup of cappuccino in the terrace while looking at the breath taking views of the Mont Blanc. You’ll surely enjoy the view from the window of the cable car while exploring the mountain.

 Aigulle du Midi in Chamonix France

Europe has reserved these wonderful sceneries for you to picture what Earth should really be like. When you visit Europe someday, make sure to see these spots.

When you are looking for a popular trip destination, Europe would be the best choice for you. Many travelers are hoping to see the natural wonders of the place. There you would see attractive spots that will take your breath away. We often seek peace and comfort from nature...